Fire Alarm Monitoring in Northern VA, Maryland & Washington DC Metro Area

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Throughout the MD, DC, and VA area, an emergency fire occurs every 39 seconds. First responders (police, fire and EMT) receive an average of 2,195 fire calls per day. That’s a staggering number. To keep your home or business safe from fire emergencies, the only practical way is to take multiple precautions.

Here are two simple ones:

1. Fire alarm monitoring: Install high-quality fire alarms, sprinkler system monitoring systems, and other fire prevention systems

2. Awareness: Can you spot the potential dangers in your living and work space? These include frayed wires and unprotected electrical outlets. Get a free home fire evaluation

Your Burtel fire alarm monitoring service can include residential or business fire alarm monitoring so that emergency responders can be notified and respond to the scene quickly. The sounds that notify you of these dangers are easy to differentiate from your other monitoring services. Monitored smoke detectors are the only way to ensure that your business or residential property is safe from fire damage and destruction on a 24/7 basis. These fire alarm monitoring services are part of a complete home protection system.

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On average, seven people per year die in a house fire in Virginia alone. Of those deadly fires, 60 percent occur in a home that doesn’t have a functioning smoke detector. Sometimes one isn’t present at all; other times, the battery has been allowed to die and go unreplaced. Residential fire alarm monitoring is not only a practical safeguard, it can also prevent these kinds of tragedies.

To make your residence or business safe, you should have a smoke alarm on every level. These devices should be tested regularly, and the batteries changed whenever they are low, or every six months to be safe. While basic smoke alarms are better than none at all, a 24/7 fire alarm monitoring service is a far better alternative because it’s possible to sleep through an alarm, or by the time it goes off, you could be incapacitated by smoke inhalation. Burtel 24/7 fire alarm monitoring service keeps you protected around the clock, no matter what you’re doing.

Burtel Security proudly installs and responds to monitored fire alarms and sprinkler systems in the Fairfax VA, Alexandria VA and Washington DC Metropolitan region. Call today to inquire about 24/7 business or residential fire alarm monitoring!

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