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Commercial Building


We provide commercial alarm monitoring service to businesses in and around Alexandria, VA.
Whether your business is in Fairfax or Alexandria, we can provide high quality security & fire alarm systems. We specialize in design, installation, service and monitoring of your security systems.
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Central Monitoring

We provide commercial alarm monitoring service to businesses in and around Alexandria, VA.
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a monitored security system is that your home or business is being watched at all times even when you cannot do it yourself. That’s the power of Central Monitoring at work, and that’s 24/7 peace-of-mind.
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Fire Alarms

Protect your business or home with fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and monitoring
Keep your Washington DC-area residence or business safe with a fire alarm or smoke alarm on every level. Burtel Security can install and provide high-quality fire alarms systems, fire alarm monitoring, smoke detectors and sprinkler system monitoring systems.
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Residential alarm monitoring service is available in the Fairfax, VA area.
Ultra high resolution interior video cameras. Strategically placed to monitor and protect people and property in DC, MD, and VA. Curb employee theft, monitor premises for intruders and water leaks, and more.
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Access Control

Protect your business in MD, DC, or VA with completely integrated security solutions.
Integrated security systems are a type of multi-layered system that uses different components and threads them into one.
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Residential alarm monitoring service is available in the Fairfax, VA area.
Selecting a security system for your home in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia may be the most important decision you ever make. Keep your home safe with fire and burglar alarm monitoring service and security systems.
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Commercial Building


Over 1,500 Area Homes, 200 Apartment Buildings, and Hundreds of Commercial Offices Are Protected By Burtel Everyday. What Can We Do For You?


Washington DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia Security & Fire Alarm Systems

Burtel Security and Fire Systems has been providing Washington DC area homes and businesses increased security and convenience with the latest automation systems, CCTV, home theater, alarm and monitoring technology since 1972. Award winning service and brand name products have made us #1 in security in the greater Washington DC area including Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and all of Northern Virginia as well as, Maryland through the Baltimore and Annapolis region. Contact us online today for a free estimate!

Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring Service

The quality of your alarm system is only effective if it is being monitored by a security provider that responds and communicates quickly and comprehensively. When something triggers your security system, it will send a signal to our central monitoring system, where we will notify you.

Burtel fire and burglar alarm monitoring services are based in Alexandria, Virginia. We also serve the greater Washington DC area including all of Northern Virginia and Maryland. Our security systems are suitable for home, commercial, and government use. Our technology includes easy-to-use keypads, glass break detectors, motion detectors, and system smoke detectors. Our expert technicians are experienced with the most difficult installations and we will cover all bases when securing your home or business, from video surveillance to entrance monitoring.

Response time is critical when monitoring any alarm system, and Burtel is highly qualified in this area. We will waste no time responding, whether you live in Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, Maryland, Washington DC or any of the surrounding areas. Please call our office today for a free security evaluation and to find out how we can make your family and valuables more secure.