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Residential Security & Alarm Systems in Washington DC

Home Security Solutions in Fairfax VA

At Burtel Security, we offer knowledgeable, specialized and highly trained experts with years of experience in solving your home security camera systems solutions. Our Washington DC team of service providers at Burtel is known for the best in the business across the nation to provide 24/7 security monitoring and home security. You can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with residential security professionals who can respond quickly to your specific home security needs. With proven quality and performance, we are an ISO9001 registered company providing household security solutions to Fairfax and Alexandria VA. Technical excellence and unsurpassed quality have always been and will continue to remain the hallmark of Burtel Security’s pledge to the home security industry and the families whose homes we keep safe.

Burtel Security Systems is here to satisfy all your Home Security System needs!

The list of people and their families entrusted to Burtel’s home security solutions is large and diverse. From families large and small, Burtel’s home security solutions cover a vast array of areas. It starts with an understanding of the situation at home in order to establish the home security basics. Everyone and everything needs to be accounted for to provide 24/7 home security systems to the greater Washington DC Metro area. From wireless home security to 24/7 residential home security, Burtel provides integrated household security cameras that can be easily installed throughout home facilities of any size or configuration.

Thinking of installing Home Security Systems in Fairfax VA? Contact Burtel Security Systems today!

Home Security Solutions in Fairfax VA

Burtel creates Security for your home in through four key components:


Response time is a major factor for any home security system provider. When the mission is critical, Burtel’s security solutions, specifically our Vindicator® line, meet the challenge with complete end-to-end home security. Whether you need a simple setup or your security specifications require a robust network configuration, Burtel saves you time and streamlines your safety and security to keep you and your family safe and give you peace of mind.


Keeping up with the ever-changing home security world is a full-time job in itself, but you can rest assured that Burtel Security takes care of this for you. Burtel’s Vindicator home security solutions are certified by a variety of organizations to serve applications within the household, condo, or apartment home. Just a partial list of Vindicator certifications includes DCID 6/9 for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities as well as Protection Level One (PL-1) Nuclear Status, which is one of the highest security levels attainable. The adaptability of our products, developed specifically for home installations, ensures quick adoption of the latest 24/7 security requirements. These certifications ensure the highest quality installation and service of home security solutions available in Washington DC, Alexandria and Fairfax VA.

Cost Savings

Your home security budget can dwindle in a hurry because of changes to your occupation or upgrades to your property or home. Burtel Security uses our broad portfolio of wireless products and home security cameras to serve you efficiently and save you money while supplying peace of mind. There are few investments more important for your home than its security, and Burtel makes sure your investment is a smart one. Because our wireless home security systems are so sophisticated and modern, there is no need to worry about the security of your home in Washington DC Metro, Alexandria or Fairfax VA or your budget!


Home security is under constant threat from all kinds of sources, including burglary and home invasion. If home security fails, police are dispatched, and you will be protected. Burtel provides flexible residential security solutions that put the latest technology to work for you. Burtel products deliver the home security solutions required to ensure economic continuity and decreased risk from intruders and people who want to do you and your family harm. Home facilities around Washington DC Metro, Alexandria and Fairfax VA trust Burtel, and you can also trust us for sophisticated home security solutions that deliver cutting-edge security and peace of mind at any kind of home, condo or apartment.

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