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Security Tips for Your Washington DC Home

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Burtel Security Systems has been providing top-of-the-line home security solutions to customers in Washington DC since 1972. As the experts in home security systems, we’re here to provide you with the best, most valuable home security safety tips, so you can keep your home safe and protected from burglars.

How to Make Your House Secure

  1. Hold a household meeting
    Home security needs to become a habit with every member of a household and agreeing to a routine is a great way to stay safe. Talk about remembering to lock doors and windows and never opening the door to unknown visitors. Alarm systems should always be used and even if you’re just doing work around the house, make sure your home is secure.
  2. Get rid of “hidden” house keys
    Burglars know that everyone hides keys under mats, inside mailboxes, and beneath rocks, so doing this is extremely unsafe. Giving a key to a trusted neighbor is a much safer idea than stashing a spare somewhere obvious.
  3. Turn on the lights
    Purchasing outdoor lighting with infrared motion sensors is a great investment. Install one near each point of entry, replace burned-out light bulbs and put your porch lights on a timer.
  4. Evaluate your doors
    While you can’t install new doors on your own, you can inspect your doors for safety. Replace hollow, easy-to-break doors with solid doors made of wood or metal. Sliding glass doors can be made more secure with a wooden dowel or an adjustable safety bar in the interior floor track.
  5. Get strong locks
    Locks are the weakest point on any door, so make sure you have a grade one or two dead-bolt lock. You don’t have to get one of these at a specialty locksmith; you can purchase them at any home store. Make sure its solid metal or brass with six three-inch-long screws that infiltrate the door jamb and frame.

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